Fridge Skins

Posted: April 15, 2012
Fridge Skins - Lego, Weathered Wood, and Suggestive Banana Motifs
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Dressing up kids and pets is so passe. The new canvases of self-expression are appliances. And the most decadent of appliance haute couture is Kudu's magnetic fridge skins--panels that adhere to refrigerators' full facades, transforming the ugly acrylic ducklings into sleek, majestic swans more representative of our own passions and artistic tastes. Even better, as those passions and tastes change--or when our parents visit and we don't want them to know we like a front row view of a girl semi-fellating a banana with our morning coffee--the magnets too are easily swapped out or removed.

Kudu magnets are custom fit according to refrigerator design and measurements, all specified during the checkout process. The magnet material is only 0.4" thick and very flexible, but also qualitatively sound enough to maintain its structure and the "charge" that keeps it from loosening or bubbling on the fridge surface. Chosen artwork is printed on vinyl that can be cleaned regularly for years without design wear or color fade.

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