Fire Escape Shelf

Posted: August 10, 2018
Fire Escape Shelf
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The fire escape was such an icon (and often a trope) in the TV shows and movies of my youth. Long before then too. But they don't put them on new buildings anymore, and for other security reasons a lot of the buildings that have them installed are removing or deactivating their ladders. I'm afraid fire escapes are on their way to payphone status, and future generations won't even know what they are.

However, we can preserve our fond memories of the zig-zagging slats of steel with a Fire Escape Shelf. This clever piece of home decor mounts to your wall as a pair of ladders connecting 3 platforms, which you can spruce up with candles, small potted plants, and Bruce Lee action figures climbing, dangling, and hanging upside down.

Fire Escape shelves are made from epoxy-coated steel and come in black, red, and a lacy-railed cream color in case you need a gift for your girlfriend. Don't forget to include a Blu-ray (or VHS!) of Pretty Woman with it.

You can also stack-mount a few Fire Escape Shelves for additional storage, and a more dramatic effect.

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