Doodle World Map Duvet Cover

Posted: March 06, 2018
Doodle World Map Duvet Cover
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This Doodle World Map Duvet Cover acts like it's just for kids, but come on, the desire to draw on your bedspread is ageless. Adult coloring books have become a big thing for stress relief, relaxation, and calming anxiety. Transferring the drawing medium from a little piece of paper to a giant swath of fabric - in bed! The best place ever! - can only enhance the activity's effect.

We have seen Doodle Duvets before, but I think this World Map version of the bedding is extra cool because in addition to getting creative before bedtime and when I wake up, I might also finally learn where Madagascar and the Maldives and New Hampshire are! The duvet cover's map artwork is an original, hand-drawn design, and also includes global facts, wild animals, and creatures of the sea.

Doodle Duvet Covers come with a 10-pack of wash-out fabric markers. You can wipe your world slate clean on the warm cycle in the washing machine.

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