Doodle Duvet Cover

Posted: June 06, 2012
Doodle Duvet Cover
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Doodling on the duvet cover? Next thing you know we'll be able to eat cookies in bed too. Bad news for the Fig Newton industry. I'm surprised Nabisco hasn't already bought out Doodle Duvet seller Not on the High Street and buried its purveyor of bedtime shenanigans deep within the disparate catacombs of retail obscurity. Printed to look like a double-sided piece of notebook paper--painted holes, lines, red margins and all--the bed sheath comes with an 8-pack of washable markers to allow not just one, but repeated forays into previously verboten coloring-on-the-home-decor territory.

Even without the added thrill of defying standard household rules, the Doodle Duvet Cover is a pretty cool art project medium for kids and adults alike. I mean, mine will likely be inked in block letters and turkeys derived from my hand print, but imagine what those of you with actual artistic talent and fine motor skills can create. Comic strips, family portraits, calligraphic musings, DIY zombie apocalypse bedding, a rainbow-colored bedtime companion....

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