cent.ldn RC M90 Boombox Candle

Posted: April 07, 2021
cent.ldn RC M90 Boombox Candle
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I was just chugging along, typical hump day, when...BOOM!(box). It happened. I saw this RC M90 Boombox Candle from cent.ldn, and my week instantly became a little more fly. A little more bangin'. A little more LL Cool J, and a little more Beastie Boys.

cent.ldn modeled the RC M90 Boombox Candle after the JVC RC M90 boombox, the quintessential 80s ghetto blaster, and the stereo featured on LL Cool J's first album cover. Released in 1985. When he was 16. The Beastie Boys also used the RC M90 boombox in a few of their Def Jam photo shoots.

Now here to delight 80s kids all grown up - not to mention provide some ambience and vibey relaxation alongside their glass of cab during a brief escape from their own kids - the RC M90 Boombox Candle is an intricate, near exact wax replica of the D-battery-sucking icon. It's a hand-poured masterpiece that will give the boombox a chance to light it up in a whole new way.

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