Bathroom Scale Floor Mat

Posted: February 14, 2019
Bathroom Scale Floor Mat
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Welcome to my home, lardass. Whether set at your front door as a welcome mat or in your bathroom as a floor mat, this replica scale is sure to give guests a moment of panic before they set their hovering foot down. Even those who don't think they need to lose a few pounds (i.e., the 1%) will probably find being faced with an unexpected measurement of their body weight a bit of a buzzkill. And those who know they're overweight, but told themselves they'd just forget about it in the company of good friends and have a good time tonight - ha! Welcome to my home, lardass.

The scale may be fake, but the emotions it brings up are real!

Part funny gag, part sign of an evil person at heart, the Bathroom Scale Floor Mat has a non-woven fabric top and neoprene rubber non-slip backing. I think the Pooping Please Come Back Later doorknob sign is funnier, and less vicious, but a fake bathroom scale floor protector is still a decent novelty gift.

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