Bat Shelf

Posted: August 26, 2022
Bat Shelf
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I wouldn't think a Bat Shelf, a black shelf with a bat cutout serving as its mounting panel, could appeal to very many different demographics, but as I peruse this Bat Shelf's listing, I am impressed to say I am wrong. To me, Batman / superhero / comic book fanatics are the obvious target audience, and that alone would probably be enough to justify the shelf's existence.

Then there's the seasonal crowd, those decorating or throwing parties for Halloween, who would hang the Bat Shelf temporarily, perhaps to hold some spooky melting bloody hand candles strewn with cobwebs.

From there we move on to the goths and the witches, the counterculture dudes and ladies who feel a Bat Shelf just fits their general personality, especially when topped with tinctures, crystals, skulls, curiosity artwork, maybe a Pinhead Baby Yoda figurine.

And finally there are the chiropterologists - people who study bats - and the bat stans - people who are just obsessed with them. And it may not stop there. There may be even more applicable Bat Shelf buyer demographics I haven't thought of yet!

So yes indeed, the Bat Shelf has a very versatile sales market. Check it out if that market includes you.

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