Stair-Climbing Rolling Laundry Hamper

Posted: January 21, 2022
Stair-Climbing Rolling Laundry Hamper
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This stair-climbing rolling laundry hamper places a detachable drawstring bag atop an upright hand truck with triple wheels on each side. Like the UpCart, the wheel design allows you to pull your laundry up and downstairs without having to lift and schlep the bag. It's not quite Labrador Retriever levels of helpful to those with strength, mobility, and laziness issues, but it's sure a lot cheaper than the $1,500, plus $149 monthly fee, you'll need to bring a fully automatic assistive robot into your home.

The stair-climbing rolling laundry hamper has a 38" handle, with padding along the top for dragging comfort. The cart folds flat when not in use for easy storage, or transport in the trunk of your car if you take your laundry to your mama's house for cleaning. Laundry bags are made of polyester, and come in gray or beige.

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