UpCart Lift Stair Climbing Hand Truck

Posted: October 27, 2017
UpCart Lift Stair Climbing Hand Truck
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The UpCart Lift is up for anything you are. Haul the new fridge up the front steps...and then back down when you find it's 2 inches too wide for its nook. Move your prep station, stacked on top of your grill, stacked on top of your king-size cooler across the raised edges, wild grass, and uneven gravel standing between your car and your tailgate crew. And who's ready to UpCart Lift the boxes and bins of holiday decorations out of the basement this year?

The UpCart Lift is a hand truck with a crafty set of triple tires that enable it to carry up to 200 pounds up and down stairs, and over uneven surfaces. And when it's not eliminating a big chunk of the laboriousness from your manual labor, the UpCart condenses down and folds in to store and transport completely flat.

To maintain a light, 11-pound weight, UpCart design is streamlined into a stair-climbing chassis and 50" adjustable handle "backbone," complemented by an easy-to-hold grip and the dual-coated rubber tires. In full, expanded, Fireball Mario glory, the UpCart Lift measures 50.24" x 21.5" x 25.67". Folded into Little Mario the Lift tucks away wherever you have an extra 23.62" x 4.76" x 24.84" of space.

Click here to check out the UpCart Lift, as well as UpCarts other models of heft-hauling, stair-conquering hand trucks.

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