Smart Sterilizing Bed Robot

Posted: April 15, 2020
Smart Sterilizing Bed Robot
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Feeling lonely and isolated? Cheer up! According to the ROCKUBOT smart sterilizing bed robot, "Nobody sleeps alone." You snuggle up next to at least a bazillion bacteria every time you lie down at night. And don't worry if you have "the cleanest sheets, the shiniest pillowcases, and the freshest blankets." The bacteria are still there, waiting to welcome you into open arms, and rock you to sleep.

Hey, I said it was a smart sterilizing bed robot, not that it was sensitive or could provide any level of emotional support. You'll have to get a Qoobo Pillow Pet for that.

On the bright side, if those are the kinds of bedmates you want, if you'd rather the other side of the bed - and the side you're on, for that matter - stay empty, ROCKUBOT says it can reassure you there too. The mini Roomba-looking gadget is fitted with 24 sensors, 4 UV-C lights, 2 ultrasonic modules, and a trio of wheels that allow it to crawl automatically over your mattress and bedding, and eliminate 99+% of allergens and dust mites on the surface.

In Automatic Mode, the ROCKUBOT self-propels and senses edges as it travels over bed sheets to disinfect without falling off. You can use it similarly on a table, sofa, or countertop to UV-zap germs. In Manual Mode, the ROCKUBOT wears a handheld cover, and you slip it over your fingers to magic-wand away bacteria on objects such as pillows, cups, phones, toys, and vehicle interiors.

The ROCKUBOT smart sterilizing bed robot is portable, weighing just a pound and drawing power from an internal 5000 mAh rechargeable Lithium battery. So you can take the robot and its UV sanitizing beams with you to hotels, camping, and to the homes of friends you know clean their bathrooms maybe twice a year.

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