Qoobo Therapeutic Robot Pillow Pet

Posted: April 18, 2019
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The Qoobo robotic pillow (with a tail!) is a pet substitute, a therapeutic source of comfort for the elderly and people with anxiety, or anyone who can't own a furry pet due to allergies or their living situation. It's very well behaved, it doesn't shed, and you'll never have to take it out at 10 at night, in the cold, and the rain, to let it pee and poo.

And while Qoobo can't learn tricks, or come when you call it, it does have one key characteristic of any great pet: it loves the pets. The snuggles. The curling up on your lap and being loved. Courtesy of its lifelike tail, Qoobo reacts to strokes and pets, differently based on your motion and style. The pillow-with-a-tail's Japanese creators say in designing Qoobo they studied a bunch of different animals' tail movements to make sure it feels like a realistic companion, and so that you don't lose interest in the interaction after a few days, and end up taking Qoobo to the pound (i.e., selling him on Craigslist.)

Qoobo and its tail are powered by a rechargeable battery. The Qoobo shown here is Husky Gray. You can also get a therapeutic robot pillow pet in French Brown.

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