Bump It Off Brush for Fabric, Kitchen, Pets & Body

Posted: October 20, 2018
Bump It Off Brush for Fabric, Kitchen, Pets & Body
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That all-in-one pet groomer, stain remover, pot scrubber, and skin exfoliator you've been seeking? Look no further! The Bump It Off is a silicone cleaning brush that does it all! I'll bet you thought it would be much harder to find the exact right gift for your girlfriend this year, but if her name is still looming on your list...Bump It Off! You've just found a magic brush she can use one minute to remove loose fur from her cat on the couch, and the next to slough the dead skin off her own arms and legs in the shower! And if there's time left over? Hey, those fruits and veggies from the farmer's market could use a good cleaning!

Yeah, yeah, I know the Bump It Off brainiacs don't expect you to use the same silicone scrubber to perform all of those chores, they're just trying to show how versatile! their cleaning product is. But when I read the listing, all I could think of is how I once saw my friend Cornelius use his dish sponge to clean up the Last Dab hot sauce he spilled on the floor, and I gotta figure: some people are going to buy one Bump It Off, and use it for all of the above.

I bet it makes a good toothbrush too.

The list of tasks Bump It Off claims to be able to hip check includes:

  • Fabrics: Remove stains, lint, and fur from laundry, clothing, upholstery, furniture, and carpets.
  • Kitchen: Clean fruits and veggies, remove dirt and residue, scrub kitchen surfaces without scratching.
  • Beauty: Clean, massage, and exfoliate body in bath or shower; clean makeup brushes.
  • Pets: Groom cats and dogs, wet or dry, lift off loose fur.

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