Prank Toilet Goblin

Posted: June 21, 2019
Prank Toilet Goblin
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I know the toilet goblin prank isn't a new one, but I just saw Aubrey Plaza on Hot Ones, and when Sean Evans asked her what the best prank she ever pulled on Parks & Rec was, she said she put one of these goblins in the toilet in Adam Scott's trailer. (Further research indicates Plaza and Chris Pratt might have pulled the ol' bog monster in the john gag on Scott several times.)

Anyway, I'd never even seen one of the yellow-toothed, googly-eyed bathroom beasts before, much less tested one out, but now that I have...oh boy! And I thought the Peeper Creeper was one of the best gifts I've ever given my wife! I can hardly wait to suction cup this big green turd underneath her seat.

And after that, the toilet goblin will start making the rounds. My friend Cornelius' house, my office, my stuck-up Aunt Jan's...it will be like a Roaming Gnome for the crapper.

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