Glacial Shower Ice Cold Water Shower Head

Posted: January 26, 2022

Ice cold. Chilling. A slap in the face. Wim Hof. The Glacial Shower, a shower head that holds a block of ice and shoots out a near-freezing stream of water, is all of those things in the good way...and the bad.

The Good: Like a quick splash of cold water on your face, a dousing of ice cold water can be invigorating for your whole body. It might hurt while you're doing it, but you'll feel so much better after, the moments of discomfort will be well worth the hours of rejuvenation. (Allegedly.)

Anyone who has iced an injured or sore body part also knows that cold therapy helps reduce inflammation and promote healing. As a gift for athletes, the Glacial Shower can be used as a daily recovery tool, with the idea that spent, achy bodies that recover faster can train harder.

For those not looking to complete a Tough Mudder or hike the Alps in a Speedo, cold therapy can still be beneficial as a way to energize yourself, and even improve the quality of your hair and skin.

The Bad: A Glacial Shower is gonna hurt. If you've ever done a Polar Plunge, or taken a dip in the cold plunge pool at a spa, it's like that, but...pokier. The water just keeps beating down on you. And it's much harder to keep your head out of it. If my experiences with a lukewarm shower are any indication, the Glacial Shower will have you screeching and hooting like a monkey from second 1 to second done. That latter of which might be second 2.

I guess you could think of the Glacial Shower's cold therapy as another form of physical training, maybe even an extreme sport, unto itself. Brutal at first, gets a little easier, or at least more manageable over time, and ultimately makes you stronger. Or scared of showers.

If you're interested in adding blocks of ice to your shower head, check out the Glacial Shower here on Kickstarter, and get your pledge for one in by March 9, 2022.

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