Deadpool Toilet Paper Holder

Posted: May 05, 2022
Deadpool Toilet Paper Holder
$58.93 - $63.84
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The Deadpool Toilet Paper Holder is just one more lure into the bathroom, and reason to spend more time on the porcelain throne when we get there. This minifig-inspired 3D print from Sandoz 3D Prints should team up with Wordle...and Quordle...and Heardle to host a toilet time marathon. A john-a-thon!

It's funny, though, because when I do hit the head, particularly for activities that require the toilet paper this Deadpool Toilet Paper Holder is holding, I tend to spend a good number of minutes there. An inordinate number, according to my wife, She-Ra: Princess of Power, who sometimes calls up to ask if I'm OK when that number exceeds 45. But when I'm not in the bathroom, and more importantly, when I'm gaming or binge-watching Severance, I will hold my pee until it starts seeping out of my eyeballs. And then finally I drag myself to the can, and it's like Deadpool himself says in the game: Ahhh, I haven't drained the ol' lizard since Level 1.

A superhero gift for the ages...I spend in the bathroom, the Deadpool Toilet Paper Holder is available with or without a wall mount. The former mounts using screws or lag bolts, while the latter adds the option to unite Deadpool, t.p., and the perpetual task of watching over your crapper with 3M Command strips.

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