Butt Plug Sink Plug

Posted: February 12, 2023
Butt Plug Sink Plug
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Ain't nothing getting past this sphincter! The Butt Plug Sink Plug is a mighty - and extra cheeky - addition to the bathroom on so many levels. It's silly and funny. It serves a real and useful purpose. And it allows those of us who aren't so sure about butt plugs to get in on the butt plug fun without having to plug it up our own butts.

Being on the plugging end of the Butt Plug Sink Plug is almost as good as being on the eating end of the Corn Dog Butt Plug or the Taco Holder Butt Plug. Maybe even better, depending on how you feel about munching on a corn dog or a taco that's sticking out of someone's asshole.

To honor all the skin colors of the rainbow - or at least 3 of them - the Butt Plug Sink Plug comes in white, black, and tan tones.

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