Corn Dog Butt Plug

Posted: September 22, 2021
Corn Dog Butt Plug
$25 - $250
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And you thought corn dogs plugged you up before. This Corn Dog Butt Plug from Glow F Yourself does double plugging duty too - the metal or silicone end plugs into one willing participant's poophole, and the breaded meat product end into a second willing participant's piehole. Not just to suck on or take in Cheeseburger Ball Gag-style either. The corn dog on the Corn Dog Butt Plug is a real live corn dog ready to get (butt)munched on.

Yep, Glow F Yourself ships a frozen corn dog* with every Corn Dog Butt Plug order. What else would you expect from the culinary sexcapaders also responsible for the Taco Holder Butt Plug? You can choose your butt plug size from Small, Medium, and Large, each a $10 increase over the last. Or, you can pay $250 for something called the ULTRA MEGA DOG, which Glow F Yourself doesn't really explain, so I don't know if that means the butt plug itself is an ultra mega, like, 8" in diameter, or if the corn dog that ships with it is.

Moreover, I can't decide which I'd prefer.

*Glow F Yourself also notes the corn dog probably won't still be frozen when it gets to you.

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