The Beer Peen Hammer

Posted: March 03, 2015
The Beer Peen Hammer
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Now you can use your peen to open your beer. I mean, if you couldn't already. Good Beer Hunting has smithed its Beer Peen Hammer in the likeness of an antique ball peen hammer they picked up at an estate sale. Each of the bottle openers in the company's initial 250-piece run is cast in solid bronze with a black oxidized finish, and based on a 3D-printed and machined aluminum prototype digitally remodeled from the estate sale find.

Beer Peen Hammers undergo the casting process at Leitelt Brothers foundry on Chicago's south side. As you might guess, it's a heavy hunk of bottle poppin' masculinity that snaps caps with ease. Probably it will snap your entire bottle, as well as your friend Cornelius' hand on your 65% ABV Armageddon, with ease too. The Beer Peen opener arrives in a waxed canvas tool bag custom designed and manufactured by Chicago's Stock Mfg Co.

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