World's Strongest Beer

Posted: November 01, 2012
Armageddon - World's Strongest Beer
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For Brewmeister's Armageddon, the number 65 almost inconceivably corresponds to two very important attributes of the beer: its price for a 330 ml bottle; and its alcohol content. Yep, $65 for 65% ABV. Brewer Lewis Shand explains that the numbers help Armageddon achieve a happy balance. Because, sure, downing a cold one with more alcohol in it than whisky or brandy could kill you dead, but Shand is pretty sure that charging $65 for the opportunity to poison oneself with liquor will deter the "problem drinkers" with paper bags and park benches from buying it.

Armageddon recently trumped Holland's Start The Future brew, which measured in at 60% ABV, to take the World's Strongest Beer title. Ingredients include crystal malt, wheat, flaked oats, and 100% Scottish spring water to produce a flavor describe as surprisingly...flavorful. Malty, hoppy, slightly sweet and still a ton of yeast despite the brewing process, which requires Brewmeister to freeze ferment their concoction to achieve its 65% alcohol content.

By comparison, by the way, Budweiser contains 5.3% alcohol. PBR, 4.7%. Armageddon is over 10 times stronger than both. If you're having trouble wrapping your head around that, good news: you'll have at least two weeks to reconcile the wacky truth, as that's how long of a wait Brewmeister currently has due to Armageddon's inordinately high demand.

If you like shocking your system with massive quantities of that which should be taken in moderation, don't forget to check out Death Wish, the World's Strongest Coffee too.

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