SIPSIP Wine Glass - The Wine Glass with a Straw

Posted: July 13, 2021
SIPSIP Wine Glass - The Wine Glass with a Straw
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Just a little SIPSIP through the built-in straw on this glass of Pinot. And maybe a little NIPNIP of this fatty French brie my wife bought. And then, back to work. ... ... OK, how about just hand me the bottle and the whole wedge? Damn you, potable and edible Satans!

The SIPSIP Wine Glass is a wine glass with a straw, intended for people who are not me. In other words, people who want to drink lightly and politely. Who don't want to risk dribbling red wine on their white shirts and couches. Who don't want to leave lipstick marks on their wine glass and wine marks on their teeth. Who want to be able to suck down pour after pour without ever going to the trouble lifting their wine glass off the table.

I suppose in that last regard, the SIPSIP Wine Glass is the perfect gift for me.

The SIPSIP Wine Glass seemingly took the idea of the Port Sipper, and applied the design to a standard sized and shaped piece of stemware. The result is still cool, especially if you're having a wine party, or need a unique gift for that special someone.

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