Port Sippers Wine Glasses

Posted: May 11, 2015
Port Sippers Wine Glasses
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They say these glasses are for sipping port, but I say port, merlot, Scotch, Kool-Aid, whatever. I mean, they look like a cross between a hookah and a Tanooki suit, so why waste their Awesome value using them only when someone pops open a bottle of sugar wine?

Also colloquially called vampire or devil glasses, the Port Sippers are designed to open up their dessert wine, broadening its flavor as partakers warm the glasses with their hands, and further aerate it sucking in through the straw. Glasses are made of hand-blown, lead-free glass. This listing is for a set of 4, each of which has a 4-ounce capacity. Port Sippers also help elevate other after-dinner liqueurs to their ideal drinking state.

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