Pours Bowing, Auto-Pouring Decanter

Posted: June 01, 2018
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Pours is so sure it's the most excellent wine and spirits decanter you'll ever use that it doesn't even wait until after it pours your glass of Bordeaux or whiskey to take a bow. It just incorporates the gesture into its work.

Or maybe the drink butler is simply being deferential and polite. Your Old Crow, my good sir.

Developed by British design and engineering firm Harvey & John, the Pours decanter bows down to serve partakers whatever fine wine or spirit they've added to its glass reservoir. Even more impressive, the decanter's ladled stem moves automatically when it senses a glass set on the end of its wood pedestal. Check out the video. Pretty neat.

The Pours decanter looks like some kind of steampunk curiosity inspired by a Venus flytrap. Obviously, Harvey & John see it as much as a centerpiece to your bar or dining table as a useful decanting tool. But even on a functional level, the Pours is very clever.

To achieve the bowing motion and automatic pours, Harvey & John put a weight sensor in the pedestal, beneath where you set your glass. When the decanter detects the glass' presence, it begins moving your booze up its stem. The weight of the liquor itself makes the stem bend with the elegance of 3 Michelin star service.

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