Drinkworks Home Bar by Keurig

Posted: June 22, 2020
Drinkworks Home Bar by Keurig

I'm not sure if Keurig's latest podvention is a good thing or a bad thing. K-Cups don't win a lot of points for their single-use, environmentally unfriendly nature, and this automatic drinkmaker requires special carbonation and water filter cartridges too. But cocktails at home are often either one-note, or fancy but restricted to a single option, because you can't afford - cash- and/or space-wise - to stock an elaborate bar full of booze and its equally elaborate array of mixers. So I guess the Drinkworks Home Bar's worthiness depends on how much more you like making cocktails and saving cash and space than you do making conscientious decisions and saving the planet.

Going with the cocktails, eh?

Keurig says its robotic bartender is able to make fresh, bar-quality drinks on demand from the combination of their proprietary pre-mixed drink pods, filtered water - carbonated to order when needed - and Quick Cool KOLD Technology. Pods arrive with all alcohols and mixers included, and the Drinkworks machine recognizes what type of pod you've inserted to calibrate how much water and/or carbonation to add in during mixing. Pods are sold separately at local liquor stores, or through Drinkworks.com.

Drinkworks fizzifies gin & tonics and mojitos with CO2 cartridges that look like mini versions of the ones you'd use in a SodaStream. The built-in chiller "is always ready to deliver a perfectly-mixed cocktail at the perfect temperature, every single time."

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