SodaStream "Tori" 90s-Themed Sparkling Water Maker

Posted: July 31, 2019
SodaStream "Tori" 90s-Themed Sparkling Water Maker
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9021H2O. SodaStream and Tori Spelling have teamed up to hawk a limited edition "Tori" 90s-themed sparkling water maker. Yeah, both the pairing and the idea we need a limited edition countertop sparkling water maker seemed weird to me too at first, but when you dive beneath the surface of this carbonated liquid, you'll find the timing is perfect: BH90210 the reboot begins on August 7, 2019; and with LaCroix all the current rage, SodaStream probably needed something bright and blingy and equally appealing to pop culture trends to, uh, rehydrate their relevance.

I don't know about you, but neon colors, geometrical figures, and see-through frikkin' land lines just about nail it for me. I never know how much I missed my transparent telephone until SodaStream reminded me of its existence. And, as a tribute, made their "Tori" Sparkling Water maker with a similar clear plastic shell over brightly colored innards. Honestly, the whole awesome thing, from device to promo pics, looks more Kelly Kapowski than Donna Martin to me, but since there's no Saved By the Bell reunion series in the works, I guess SodaStream went with the more obvious tie-in.

Speaking of which, can someone get a Saved By the Bell reunion series in the works?

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