Primal Concepts Build Your Own Survival Bat

Posted: May 10, 2020
Primal Concepts Build Your Own Survival Bat
$50 - $210
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I knew baseball season was gonna look a little different this year, but I didn't realize it could look Primal Concepts Build Your Own Survival Bat different around the Dude house. Or more like, around the Dude's mama's backyard since there's no way on pre-apocalyptic earth my wife is gonna let me swing a 34" walnut baseball bat embedded with a machete blade and lined with silver spikes around our condo this summer. Not even on the balcony.

OK, She-Ra: Princess of Power, how about if I switch it to an 18" fatty bat build with a nut on the end, and a nice nickel-plated barbed wire wrap?

Right, so...Mama's backyard it is.

Primal Concepts' Build Your Own Survival Bat options are aplenty, each starting with either your 34" standard or 18" fatty bat. From there you have a choice of 11 different colors / finishes, including a beastly-lookin' Rhino-liner at a $50 upcharge. Then the real fun begins.

Primal Concepts offers 8 different survival-ready bat accessories, including the hacking blade, spikes, jumbo nut cap, and barbed wire mentioned above, along with a circular saw blade. Slide your bat shit crazy build into home with custom text or symbols engraved in the wood.

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