Walking Dead Lucille Replica Bat with Opener & Flask

Posted: February 02, 2020
Walking Dead Lucille Replica Bat with Opener & Flask
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Lucille may be gone for good from The Walking Dead, but you can pay her tribute in your own home with this Walking Dead Lucille replica bat from Banner Bats. True, this bat's barbed wire is stenciled on rather than wrapped around, but that's to "make safer to party / travel with." A sentiment you might appreciate more once you see this version of Lucille has a bottle opener built into one end, and a 2-ounce flask built in to the other.

I have to agree with Banner Bats that drinking and barbed wire don't seem like ideal companions.

The Lucille replica bat is made with a 32" - 34" ash wood bat. Its flask is installed permanently in the barrel end; a stainless steel funnel is included with purchase to make loading easier.

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