Handmade Damascus Steel Daggers

Posted: June 02, 2013
Handmade Damascus Steel Daggers
$75 - $1,200
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DCIllusion hand forge and finesse their blades from damascus steel, their handles from the likes of bone, horns, and brass, and their designs from the combined imaginations of the world's best LARPers. Each of the two dozen or so daggers in the Damascus Steel Art collection has a name representing the emotion or aura its creators feel it best exhibits or elicits from those who use it. For example:

RAGE. Damascus steel blade with a twisted pattern and 300 layers. Buffalo horn, bone, and brass handle.

WICKED. Raindrop pattern, 280 layers. Bone, scrimshaw, damascus steel handle, with extensive hand-carving of the bone into a truly badass crown-and-skull portrait.

SOUL. Ladder pattern, 280 layers. Buffalo horn and bone handle with brass file work.

PROTECT. Raindrop pattern, 300 layers. Deer antler and damascus steel handle with brass carving of some scary bear-jaguar-snake hybrid.

All of the daggers are priced according to the Valyrian-magnitude of materials and workmanship that went into creating them. So while I doubt I'll buy one to enhance my trick-or-treating attire this year, someday when I have as much real money as I do Monopoly money, maybe I'll invest in a damascus dagger for prominent mantel display alongside my Christoper Walken taxidermy.

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