The Phone Claw

Posted: May 12, 2016
The Phone Claw
$20 - $30
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This is the pitch I got from Jon when he emailed to suggest The Claw for a Dude feature: "Hey there, I am Jon. I like weird things. As it so happens I make weird things too." Cool. Simple, to-the-point, no PR jargon.

But "weird" has a pretty broad range. To me it means the Codex Seraphinianus and Edible Anus Chocolates. But given some of the other "weird" things I've seen for sale (taxidermy drunken duckling, anyone?) I was a little nervous about what the word meant to Jon.

Turns out it means "F'ing rad!"

At least that's what I thought when I saw The Claw, a flexible reptile hand fashioned to hold your phone (or remote, game controller, headphones) between its trio of leathery fingers.

Intricately textured and detailed, The Claw is made of urethane elastomer, and comes with either a suction cup for mounting while driving or a wire stand for desktop / nightstand use. (You can also opt in for both, and switch out between them.) Jon says The Claw will secure both Androids and iPhones in its mythic grip, with or without their cases.

Jon sculpted and designed The Claw by hand, and has them reproduced by hand in the US. Geeks, gamers, fantasy fans, and 8-year-olds that in 2016 somehow have better phones than I do can grab a Claw in black with red nails or red with black nails through the JONTHINGS online store.

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