FOXBOX Pet Safety Car Seat

Posted: March 22, 2021
FOXBOX Pet Safety Car Seat
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Pets are the new kids*, so of course there is FOXBOX Pet Safety Car Seat that uses human infant safety system protocols to boost and protect your dog or cat during car rides. Another of course: the FOXBOX Pet Safety Car Seat is a piece of pet gear that costs hundreds of dollars, because smart manufacturers know no price is too high to ensure the safety of your fur baby.

In addition to serving as a booster seat so small to midsize pets (up to 55 pounds) can see out / drool on the window, the FOXBOX Car Seat helps reduce Buddy's bouncing and Bella's jostling while you're driving. This translates to a more comfortable ride for them, and reduction in the likelihood they will barf all over your car. Restraining your pets to to the FOXBOX's cozy carrier also reduces the amount of shed fur or hair you'll eventually give up trying to clean out of your interior.

*You're probably wondering, if pets are the new kids, what's the new pets? It's houseplants.

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