jelbows Gel Rests for Wrists & Elbows

Posted: October 16, 2021
jelbows Gel Rests for Wrists & Elbows
$16.49 - $21.49
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They had me at "jelbows." You dudes know me well enough by now to know it doesn't even matter if these gel rests for your wrists and elbows alleviate joint pain and desktop contact soreness for workers, and WFHomers, who sit at their desks all day. I just like the word "jelbows!" It's right up there with "galoshes!" (More on the best words in the English language here.)

On top of the delight I'll get in saying, "jelbows for my elbows...and wrists," if these gelatinous discs really work, I could actually use them. Most of my days are spent at a desk, on a computer, typing up award-winning curations of the best gifts for men, such as 007 motorized license plate masks and corn dog butt plugs. I experience arm fatigue, redness, and discomfort regularly. Not to mention brain fatigue from being so witty and clever all the time - got anything for that, jelbows?

jelbows come in 2 sizes, a few different colors, and now a new graphite version that sees the soft gel-like material encased in a slipcover that won't stick to your desktop. jeblows says regular use of their pads will support proper blood circulation to your joints, plus help alleviate the numbness and tingling experienced by people with carpal tunnel and repetitive wrist syndrome.

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