Breaking Bad Terrarium

Posted: March 17, 2013
Breaking Bad Terrarium

Way to go, Walter White and meth heads, Breaking Bad has reached terrarium levels of popularity. Terrarium. I find that word difficult both to spell and to say aloud. Try it. Rough on the tongue, 'eh? Not very pleasant on the ears either when I really think about it, which I am because I have nothing better to do. Aquarium. Now that's a generally congenial word. But clutter it up with a couple more Rs and it becomes a guttural disaster. Would you like to know what I think about some other words? As in, the best and worst words in the English language? Sure you would.


  • Galoshes. Inarguably the greatest word ever to join phonemes.
  • Monkey. Inarguably the second greatest word to join phonemes.
  • Carabiner. I think girls should be named Carabiner.
  • Shazam. Explanation unnecessary.


  • Panties. Courtesy of my friend Cornelius. I don't love this word, but Cornelius F'ing hates it. Anyone who says it in his presence has to buy him a shot of Jager or accept an atomic wedgie.
  • Wart. Mostly because I cannot hear or see this word without thinking of that scene from Uncle Buck where John Candy throws a quarter at his niece's principal and tells her to take it, go downtown, and have a rat chew that thing off her face. RIP, John Candy.
  • Angina. I don't particularly like the word "vagina" either, but at least it represents something I do like. Angina is both hideous-sounding, and means you have coronary heart disease.

Breaking Bad flora fabricator extraordinaire Rachel, also responsible for this piece of Beetlejuice amazement, uses real moss and lichen in her terrariums - in this case varietals that, much like Heisenberg's haircut, require little water and care. The plants also sit in succulent and cactus-friendly soil for people who want to add some vegetation to the wreckage.

The open globe is 11" tall and includes a hand-sculpted and painted miniature re-enactment of the series' famed first season opening sequence. Walter stands 1/4" tall and his RV 1/2" long. A shout out to Breaking Bad's breakout star, meth, comes in the form of blue sea glass lining the bottom of the terrarium.

Specific set inclusions: reindeer moss; lichen; a petrified mushroom; a small tree; stones; sand; sculptures; and instructions for assembly.

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