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Posted: December 23, 2012
$25k - $35k
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Ideum's 55" Platform and Pro Touch Tables, carnivals of interactive media suitable for simultaneous use by up to 4 computing people, have just been walloped by the Hammer of Thor in the form of the company's newest advancement in tactile technology, the Pano. With its 100" LED 3840 x 1080p surface, ideum has christened Pano the largest production-built integrated multitouch table in the world. While anything deemed "biggest" and "best" immediately lures my attention like a lady in a Yay CleaVage tee going to town with a JawSaw, I have to admit, I don't really know what that claim means. Let's figure it out together.

Or rather, I'll regurgitate a bunch of descriptive technical jargon, and those of you who understand it can email me or write comments below translating it for those of us who can only say intelligent things about 19th century women's literature. And The Great Gatsby. Hey, did you know Gatsby's Rolls-Royce killed the middle class and foreshadowed his own downfall?

The all-aluminum Pano Touch Table is essentially a doubling of the Platform and Pro tables, comprising dual 55" LED LCD screens with a contiguous micro-etched Sevasa HapticGlas touch surface. The glass covers over 40 touch points prepped for concurrent use and response times of around 7 milliseconds. Touch points connect to an integrated computer workstation powered by--are you ready for the litany?--an Intel i7-3770 quad core processor running at 3.4 GHz, and supported by 8 GB of DDR3 system memory, plus a pair of 500 GB SATA II HDD storage (7200 RPM) devices in a RAID 1 configuration. The Pano's default operating system is Windows 7 Pro, but one of the myriad upgrades with which it is compatible is Windows 8.

Further regaling the senses of seeing and hearing are the Pano's:

  • NVIDIA Quadro 600 graphics card with 1 GB of dedicated video memory
  • 4 x 75W stereo amplifier with Yamaha speakers
  • 16x DVD-ROM drive
  • HDMI in and out
  • USB, RFID, Ethernet, Wireless-N, and Bluetooth
  • Mere 2" thick tabletop casing for it all

Pano pricing is available by request only. The listed prices of $25,000 to $35,000 apply to ideum's aforementioned 55" Touch Tables, the Platform and the Pro. Similar to the Pano, Platform and Pro tables are fitted with LED LCD HD touchscreens and integrated PCs with a discrete GPU and built-in RFID. They have 32+ instead of 40+ touch points. The Pro is a faster, fancier version of the Platform.

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