The JawSaw

Posted: September 09, 2012
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WORX's JawSaw endeavors to make limbing and trimming efforts--which help the arrival of fall suck even more--slightly less of a pain in the ass. Part pruner, part chainsaw, the JawSaw's extendable handle and electrical powering eliminate the need for ladders, cords, noxious emissions, and 75 attempts to start it up when clearing storm debris or pruning tall trees to look like the Great Pumpkin in preparation for Halloween.

When attached, the JawSaw's extension pole reaches up to 12 feet, and its novel mouth-within-a-mouth design allows for cutting directly against the ground without kickback or damaging the chain. A jaw guard doubles as the tool's cut guide to ensure healthy branches aren't inadvertently severed. It also includes an automatic oiler that provides continual lubrication to its bar and chain, precluding spillage and grease stains on the pants you knew you shouldn't have worn to do yard work.

JawSaw power output is 5 amps, with a chain speed of 5.5 m/s, and a weight of 11.7 pounds. It has a 6" bar and a 4" maximum cutting length. In addition to the chainsaw-pruner hybrid itself, purchases include the extension handle, a wrench, and a 3.4-ounce bottle of chain oil.

Muchas danke to The Green Head.

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