GPods - Earbuds With Light Control

Posted: June 24, 2022
GPods - Earbuds With Light Control
$79 - $99
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GPods, self-described as the world's first earbuds with light control, could be simple earphones with red pill / blue pill-looking baubles that flash your favorite LED colors light one of those smart light bulbs, or a projector lamp. But where would be the fun and overengineering in that?

Instead, GPods are packed with a bevy of light modes, full user control of lighting effects, and - oh yeah - AI tech that can analyze the color palettes of your favorite photos, and arrange them into color blocks of light emanating from your ears. Maker HHOGENE even goes so far as to call their GPods "an independent spirit, resonating with a beating heart."

Uh. OK. Somebody hand me a pair of GPods and a coupla magic mushrooms, and I'll tell you if I agree.

Like most other new techie gadgets, GPods look to make your audio experience more immersive. They have 6 built-in LED lights and a full, app-controlled software system that gives wearers control over dimness, brightness, rhythm response, shades, and colors. And that's if you opt not to use the earbuds' color photo recognition algorithms to create color displays based on your personal photo collection. GPods have a 72-color foundation that supports around 300,000 color combinations.

The audiovisual darlings can also sync up your music and lobe lighting to change LED colors with the song, or dance them to the beat. A curious capability, considering you can't see the lights when GPods are inserted in the sides of your head, and anyone around you who can won't be able to hear the music playing in only your ears. Shrug.

If you're nonetheless interested in mounting a pair of GPods from your own noggin, or need a gift for a teen who likes to rave and glow, check out HHOGENE's crowdfunding campaign for the world's first earbuds with light control here on IndieGoGo.

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