Harry Potter Dementor Replica with LED Lighting

Posted: August 05, 2021
Harry Potter Dementor Replica with LED Lighting
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The Harry Potter Dementor Replica with LED Lighting is here to hang from your porch ceiling or a tree in the front yard, and haunt the F out of every child, UPS driver, and squirrel that passes it between now and Halloween. Or maybe all year long, if you like its work.

The only problem is Dementors' power is feeding on human happiness, sometimes devouring entire souls, and leaving their victims deeply depressed, in despair, or in an empty vegetative state. So many of us have already reached that point without an encounter with an evil creature from Harry Potter, so it's gonna be slim pickin's for the Dementors this year.

Another detail of note, which I think will come as a great surprise to everyone except Phoebe Buffay, is this Harry Potter Dementor replica is sold not by Horror Dome or Halloween City, but Pottery Barn. It's a PB + HP Halloween collab, and they went with a life-size, LED-lit Dementor! I never woulda guessed.

But as Phoebe would probably say, a soul-sucking billion-dollar corporation partnering with a soul-sucking demon from a billion-dollar fantasy media franchise, sounds just about right.

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