7-Foot T-Rex Eating a Human Snack Inflatable

Posted: September 06, 2022
7-Foot T-Rex Eating a Human Snack Inflatable
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Poor bastard flailing in the jaws of this 7-foot T-Rex inflatable. But on the bright side, at least the big, skeletal beast isn't eating you or your kids as a human snack, and now he'll be too full to do it when everyone's out trick-or-treating on Halloween.


The 7-Foot T-Rex and his human snack inflatable are an original GOOSH design, and suitable for display indoors or out. The high-strength polyester material the dino is made of is waterproof and resistant to rips and tears. Though probably not if one of these guys is after him. Or the equally evil Halloween inflatable slasher who was running around my mama's neighborhood a few years back. True story. Dude just went around knifing the airblown Halloween decorations in people's yards. What a dick, right?

No, screw you! It wasn't me!

Muchas danke to Technabob.

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