Horror Movie The Last Supper Print

Posted: September 30, 2021
Horror Movie The Last Supper Print
$12 - $129
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Never thought I'd write these words, but, Starring Freddy Krueger as: Jesus! This scary parody on da Vinci's The Last Supper painting sees favorite horror movie villains taking the place of JC and his apostles on the night it all comes crashing down. What's the "it" in this case? I'm not really sure. No more sequels?

Let's ask Judas, played in The Last Supper of Horror print by...can anyone tell? It's the little guy, fourth from our left, third from Freddy's right, right? Looks like, uh, a Gremlin? Poor dude. Why'd he get stuck with the role of Ultimate Betrayer? I would have given that one to Pinhead or ol' horny, naked Darkness from Legend there at the end. At least those two are coming from a hell such a sacrilegious act is going to send them right back to.

Anyway, if you're into classic horror movies, or just need some sweet artwork to help decorate for Halloween this year, The Last Supper of Horror comes in a handful of different sizes, and your choice of framed or unframed.

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