Tempo-X Submarine Music-Reactive Humidifier

Posted: May 31, 2022
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The Tempo-X Submarine Humidifier one-ups the music-reactive lights of dancing speakers, and maybe even the music-reactive flames of the Trackside Fire Pit, with its music-reactive mist rings that both puff to the beat, and add moisture to the dry air around your desktop.

Created by HEY MIX, a make-believe universe with its own sci-fi backstory, the Tempo-X Submarine is actually a "submarine-esque spacecraft" powered by the universe's main dude, MIX. So, if you like cartoonish desk toys and action figures in addition to misty spectacles and moist sinus passageways, the Tempo-X is triply for you. It has a 250mL water tank in the sub's base, which sprays mist rings at low, high, or sound control settings.

When you choose sound control, the humidifier detects beats through frequency, and sprays its mist rings in sync with rhythm of the music (or the rhythm of your podcast, movie, or hand taps on the table.) And MIX the pilot doesn't just add whimsy to the cockpit, he also controls the red, white, and blue lighting options on the Tempo-X. On the opposite end of the submarine, a movable "tail" lets you manually release fog when you shake it.

At printing, HEY MIX had a working prototype of their Tempo-X Submarine, and was seeking crowdfunding for completing a run of the humidifiers. If you agree that the music-reactive, misting alien ships are out of this world, head over to IndieGoGo and to back the project.

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