RPG-7 Bottle Launcher

Posted: August 02, 2012

Why is it that the toys you or I make with our buddies from scrap lengths of pipe and sheet metal the year we take high school physics always end up as legitimate, purchasable commodities developed and manufactured by the Japanese? Why can't American capitalism show better fiscal support for backyard science and DIY projectiles? Why does Japen get braggin' rights for the RPG-7, a rocket propelled grenade launcher for plastic bottles that turns 2-liter sodie containers into water-gorged missiles capable of blasting up to 115 feet?!

Marudai's RPG-7 Bottle Launcher is currently up for grabs to anyone willing to fork over 28,350 yen, or $362. International shipping provisions aren't clear from the company's Website, which, not surprisingly, is in Japanese, but using my browser's Translation function sure makes for some otherwise highly entertaining reading, namely with regard to the safety warnings. Which I'm sure would still be hilarious even if translated by a non-computerized linguistic pro. Behold:

  • Don't fire RPG-7 bottle rockets at people because, "When they hit the person, you may be asked to crime even if it is not intentional."
  • Don't fire RPG-7 bottle rockets at vehicles because, "When flying towards the car and bicycle, may lead to a traffic accident when the driver surprised even without exposure."
  • Don't fire RPG-7 bottle rockets and break shit because, "If you defeat the third-party assets of housing, automotive, and power lines, this can cause a liability."
  • The RPG-7 Rocket Launcher is gonna make you wet. Literally too. "Shooter will receive a jet of water to the face and body. In good clothes, please wear your underwater goggles or protection. Even when already wet."

RPG-7 distance and accuracy depend on water quantity, psi (pressurization a product of a pump and human elbow grease), launch angle, and wing stability. Trajectory capabilities, stated at a 35-degree angle of rocket fire, are listed in a spec chart on the Marudai site, with variations shown predominantly according to the amount of water in the to-be-launched bottle. At 20 ounces, stated range is 33 to 115 feet; a smaller, 13.5-ouncer will soar 65 to 98 feet.

A few parting words from the makers of the RPG-7 Rocket Launcher: "This toy is a toy and enjoy the recoil when firing injection." I couldn't have said it better myself.

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