Seabreacher Shark X Water Jet

Posted: March 22, 2012
Seabreacher Shark X Submarine
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Seabreacher water jets snugly seat two people with exceptional control over their stomachs and bowels for a nautical roller coaster ride of dives, breaches, spins, and respective surface and subsurface speeds of up to 50 and 25 mph. Seabreacher's Shark X model is a 1,250-pound, 260-horsepower, powder-coated stainless steel and aluminum behemoth that looks like it could instill an acute case of galeophobia even in those who don't already dream about sharks gnashing through muscle and bone, delivering their victims to excruciatingly certain death.

The horizontal rocket's (sorry if we're stealing anyone's pet name for their, uh...left hook) streamlined design equips it to shift seamlessly from a plummeting, high-speed dive, into a full breach that launches the vessel in its entirety out of the water. And its fully-vectored thrust system mimics the tail articulation of real great whites, tigers, hammerheads, and all the other razor-toothed fishies of the sea, for a truly out of body--and into cartilagionous skeleton--experience. The Seabreacher X is fitted with a double snorkel so that its 1500cc, 4 stroke engine has consistent access to oxygen. For that reason, the people who make the guidelines suggest keeping its snorkels above water, which means diving no deeper than 5 feet. Vessels are suitable for both fresh and salt waters.

Each of Roy Scheider's worst nightmares is custom made to order by Innespace in accordance with the buyer's aesthetic preferences from an extensive list of interior and exterior options. Some high-tech basics include a snorkel-mounted camera that transmits live video to interior LCD screens, GPS navigation, and an on-board stereo system with iPod docking. General dimensions are 16' long x 3' wide, with a wing span of 7'10". Slightly less wicked-looking Killer Whale Y and Dolphin J versions are also available.

Note on Price: The "Holy crap!" $90K figure may be low. Innespace does not list a price for its Seabreachers because, "Price for a custom built Seabreacher is dependent on the number of options that a customer chooses." However, they do mention that $30,000 is due at fabrication commencement, another $30,000 is due upon engine installation, and the remaining balance is due upon completion and acceptance. We figure tacking on an additional $30,000 is at least about right for giving you a sense of what echelon of cash you'd be sinking on--ironically--a glorified flotation device.

For more answers to pensive inquiries, visit the Sebreacher FAQ page.

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