Spyra One Water Bullet Water Gun

Posted: July 31, 2018
$165 - $295
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Nothing like the thought of pelting my friend Cornelius with a Spyra One water bullet to get me amped up on this Tuesday afternoon! Well, that and tacos. The Spyra One calls itself a next-gen water gun, a battle toy that replaces the streaming shots of other water guns with a powerful 30mL "water bullet" capable of hitting targets with balls-H2On accuracy from up to 25' feet away.

Spyra One creator Sebastian Walter sought to develop a water gun people could use as they would a paintball gun - to fight, score, and take out the competition. Spyra One uses a valve-nozzle and electronic trigger system to generate its water bullets, which Walter says leave a clear water mark upon impact so you know when you've hit your target.

When you're out of ammo, 25 shots per round, Spyra One refills are just 14 seconds and a push of a button away. You can also dunk your water gun in any water source, from lake to pool to bucket, to re-up. During gameplay, a digital display provides a readout of how many water bullets are left in your tank.

The digital display also lets you know when it's time to recharge the Spyra One's internal battery, typically not for at least 45 refill cycles, or 1,125 shots.

You can read more about the Spyra One and its water bullet concept, plus pledge for one or a pack of the water guns, here on Kickstarter through September 4, 2018.

Muchas danke to The Awesomer.

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