briiv Air Filter - Natural, Sustainable Air Purifier

Posted: February 07, 2022
briiv Air Filter - Plant-Based Air Purifier
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A breath of fresh air meets a sight for sore eyes in the briiv Air Filter, a sustainable home air purifier made from 90% natural, renewable materials.

The lush green of a pile of dried moss is probably the briiv's most eye-catching feature, followed by the discs of earthy brown coconut husk beneath it. Both bring some life to a room, while simultaneously supporting the life (i.e., you and your family) in it. The moss draws in and captures large airborne particulates, such as dust and animal dander, while the coconut husk filters - all replaceable and biodegradable - trap smaller harmful substances.

briiv furthers its air purification efforts with a combination silk matrix, a bespoke filter consisting of activated charcoal and nanofibers. The activated charcoal, as we've seen with the Boot Bananas, absorbs odors, including those produced by cooking, pets, and bungholes. The nanofibers, which briiv calls its "secret weapon," are filters designed for the medical industry to trap the air's finest particles. (By comparison, HEPA filters are made from larger microfibers.) briiv's nanofibers are also biodegradable.

Being largely plant-based, briiv does take the opportunity to compare its performance to the natural air purification properties of houseplants. It claims to be as powerful as 3,043 of them.

Like most gadgets these days, the briiv Air Filter has its own app, which you can use independently, or integrate into your smart home setup.

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