Woozie Can Cooler & Cone Holder

Posted: May 15, 2023
Woozie Can Cooler & Cone Holder
$16.50 - $18.50
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High-five to John Olwig not only for his Woozie Can Cooler & Cone Holder, but for his introduction to it: "Here today we have a rather special type of can cooler or can sleeve." Rather special, indeed. So a high-five to Olwig, and a high-five to all you dudes and ladies out there looking for a koozie that can keep your beer cold, plus keep your lighter and weed contained and close at hand.

That second high-five is because the Woozie can help you get high with five things: hard plastic can cooler; can of beer; BIC-style lighter; and 2 cones.

Olwig developed the Woozie as a companion for festivals and outdoor events, especially those in and around water. Serving as both insulation and storage, the can cooler allows you to raise all of your most important party supplies up high when you wade into a pool or lake, or when those damn kids start jumping in right next to you.

Woozies come sized to fit regular 12-ounce cans, or the slim ones if you need a gift for your girlfriend and her White Claws. You can also personalize your can and cone koozie for an additional charge.

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