Betty White Hard Seltzer Tumbler

Posted: March 21, 2023
Betty White Hard Seltzer Tumbler

Nothing pairs better with White Claw than Betty White Claw. That is, a side of Betty White, national treasure, flipping the bird. The Betty White Hard Seltzer Tumbler gives us that, and a whole lot more, in a double-walled, vacuum sealed cup that keeps drinks hot or cold while paying the Golden Girls icon the tribute she deserves.

The parodied White Claw label on the Betty White Hard Seltzer Tumbler is as clever as the best prank gift box designs. In addition to the choice photo of Ms. White, the front of the tumbler tells us she's "Pure legend," "Aged 100 years (basically)," and "Better than we deserve." All true. And the fun continues on the back, with the White Claw mission statement and nutrition label also translated into a Betty homage.

Betty White Hard Seltzer Tumblers hold 18.6 fluid ounces of water, coffee, juice, or Claw, and come in 7 different festive, St. Olaf-worthy colors.

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