Spin Chill 60-Second Beer Chiller

Posted: April 29, 2014
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A can of warm beer, a cooler filled with ice, and a Spin Chill. Put them together and you'll be 60 seconds away from an Ice. Cold. Party. Prefer bottles of beer? Bottles of wine? Teetotaling with the orange sodie? Spin Chill, like Jesus, loves all the little beverage container children. And while the device cannot walk on water, it can use the laws of physics to manipulate ice, and lower your preferred drink's temperature to levels of ideal refreshment.

The handheld Spin Chill attaches to the top of any standard-sized can or beer/wine bottle. Once the vessel is lowered into a vat of ice (or an ice/water combo), it harnesses the power of 4 x AA batteries and an on button to twirl the encased contents cold. From start to finish, the process is 20 to 30 times faster than just letting a pile of drinks sit in a pile of ice. Good news for nights when the party's host is too hammered to remember to restock, or when some jackass drinks the bottle of 65% Armageddon you explicitly hid at the bottom of the cooler 45 minutes ago. I hope you have to get your stomach pumped, Cornelius!

Unlike standard container cooling, which operates according to the principle of conduction and cools liquids layer by layer from the outside to the inside, Spin Chill introduces convection to the heat (cold) transfer process. That is, as a can/bottle cools, and passes these lowered temperatures to the adjacent interior liquid, Spin Chill keeps rotating which liquid molecules are in contact with the cooling container's walls. So rather than wait for the trickle-down cooling effect of conduction, warm liquid in the center of the container continually rotates through it, and all contents start cooling in sync and instantly.

I know you have another question. The answer is no. Putting your beer on a 60-second merry-go-round ride will not cause its carbonation to freak out and explode in your face upon opening. Spin Chill doesn't agitate liquids in that way at all. In fact, creators Ty Parker and Trevor Abbott say its use actually results in less foam than usual. The reason: air pockets and nucleation sites that fester during shaking, but nullify when rotated. You can read more specifics on the physics of it all here; Parker and Abbott explain the science in a way that suggests they know what they're talking about. A quality we all know I am rarely able to deliver here.

Another cool thing about the Spin Chill is that, in addition to purchasing it as an entire apparatus, drill owners can purchase just a Chill Bit - an attachment for any standard handheld drill that will also spin your cans and bottles to the pinnacle of quenched thirst.

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