Snack Attack Organizer

Posted: January 08, 2023
Snack Attack Organizer
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When the snacks attack, what's the first thing you do? Yep. Organize the troops - your cups, your bowls, your utensils, and your napkins - and attack them right back. With your hands and teeth. 3D McMaster, who should perhaps be called 3D McGeneral, has developed a fine way to get your troops lined up and in check with this Snack Attack Organizer.

Available in a dozen different 3D-printed colors, the Snack Attack Organizer condenses a cup holder, a small snack bowl, and a pair of side holders for napkins and utensils into a single container you can carry with a single hand. Not only does the design allow you to make just one trip to the couch, it is also clearly sized for just one person, so...no snack sharing required!

About time I found the Snack Attack Organizer. I've had enough of my wife's voracious appetite and freshly-licked fingers coming after my hot wings and Chicago Mix popcorn.

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