SIND Studio Funny Face Mugs

Posted: March 15, 2021
SIND Studio Funny Face Mugs

SIND Studio has a mug - the drinking kind and the face kind - for every expression you wear and emotion you feel before and after you've had your coffee. There's a groggy Yawning Mug (before coffee). A jubilant Laughing Mug (after coffee). A relatable Grumpy Mug (definitely BC). A smooch-awaiting Kiss Me Mug (probably after coffee, and hopefully after teeth brushing too). And, ready for gifting to a healthcare worker or COVID-conscious friend, a Face Mask Mug (I'm going to say BC. Even though his face is covered, I can see the yearning for caffeine in his eyes.)

All of SIND Studio's funny face coffee and tea mugs are handmade from white porcelain, and every one is just a little different. They are sold individually, and can be great gifts for mug collectors solo, or mixed and matched into a set to decorate your kitchen, or make you mama smile when you sneak them into her cupboard for Mother's Day.

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