Posted: January 03, 2015
$49.99 - $59.99
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Genius evolves again. The Sola e Sola or, as I like to call it, the Coffee & a Smoke Cup was pretty sweet when we saw it in 2012. But ZANG!'s PIPEMUGs know that 2015 calls for more than just a tiny espresso and a stick of nicotine. Today we need a big mug o' Death Wish coffee to carry us through an 8-hour gaming session, followed by a big bowl o' weed to calm us down enough to celebrate our victory with a large deep dish pizza and half a dozen cannolis. And the next morning: it's wake & bake with a PIPEMUG mocha and some Purple Haze, my friends.

A PIPEMUG, as you may have deduced by its name and photo, is a mug with a pipe in it. Even better, while the two are inextricably bound, they are also mutually exclusive. So you can take ZANG!'s advice and "sip it and rip it" in a 1-2 punch, but without risk of cross contamination.

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