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Posted: February 04, 2016
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Having a death wish can score you $5 million. At least in free Super Bowl 50 advertising, and at least if you're Death Wish Coffee Co. In addition to the hyper buzz they get from downing cups of their ultra-caffeinated beans (Death Wish is approximately 200% more caffeinated that typical coffee shop offerings) the roasters out of Upstate New York are going to get even more buzz in the 3rd quarter of the February 7th Panthers-Broncos matchup thanks to Intuit Quickbooks' annual "Small Business, Big Game" contest. As 2016's crowned champs, a free 30-second commercial during Super Bowl 50 will buzz Death Wish Coffee Co. to the tune of 100 million viewers.

As for the coffee itself, Death Wish pushes the boundaries of insanity. The Incredible Hulk of wakeup juice, this bag of beans is dark, dirty, and not for the weak. If you disagree--meaning if you're not jittery, sporting a resting heart rate of 155, and this close to getting punched in the face by those around you after a pound of it--Death Wish promises to give your money back.

If you can't wait for Super Bowl 50, you can check out Death Wish's commercial in the video above. Why yes, it does contain a cast of vikings in the midst of drama on the high seas.

To recap: 1) Death Wish makes disturbingly strong coffee. Possibly The World's Strongest; 2) A company of 11 employees, Death Wish Coffee Co. will be the only small business to have a commercial in Super Bowl 50; and 3) Intuit Quickbooks is giving Death Wish 30 seconds, and Death Wish is giving us vikings. I hope they have stockpiles of beans ready to roast, because I have a feeling 2016 is going to be the year of the Death Wish.

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