Pinch Hold Rock Climber's Mug

Posted: August 12, 2018
Pinch Hold Rock Climber's Mug
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I've seen a mug for rock climbers before - a very good one in the Cliff Hanger Mug - but this Pinch Hold Mug, damn. In some ways it's a finger grip and strength challenge even more dangerous than scaling the side of a rock. No harness and no belay here; you lose your pinch, you got a crotchful of hot coffee to deal with.

Made in the UK of ceramic with a matte glaze, the Pinch Hold Mug has no handle, and no optional handle attachment. Just a slightly nubby rock face, big enough for no more than the tips of your fingertips, to use in lifting a full cup of piping hot beverage to your lips. And don't forget once you get it there, you'll have to tilt too.

Oh yeah, yeah, fine. You can also wrap your whole hand around the mug, or pick it up with two hands. If you want to be a wet blanket about it. But if you're that kind of cheater, don't waste the Pinch Hold Mug on yourself, get it as a gift for an athlete.

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